12th - 14th November 2019
Krakow, Poland
Focus Day 12th November 2019

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Gap Crossing Focus Day

Combat engineers are key to ensuring a force’s mobility by providing a range of rapidly deployable bridging capabilities to cross dry and wet gaps. Future mission success will depend on the use of innovative bridging and gap crossing solutions and systems to meet NATO’s rapid response priorities. The requirement for bridging systems to be interoperable amongst NATO nations is a key priority in order to mitigate comparatively small equipment holdings.


Interoperability is key for multinational task forces to succeed in their missions. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that militaries have limited bridging capabilities that will quickly run out in the event of a large assault. This section sets out to look at the current and future procurement plans for nations improving their bridging capability.


Bridging in successfully dominated terrain requires different techniques and equipment. These bridges are to be seen as more permanent structures with the intention that they need not be moved even after coalition forces have pulled out. This section sets out to look at permanent bridging solutions and the challenges surrounding their construction and use.


To carry out a successful gap crossing while conducting an assault, those at the front must determine the complexity of the crossing to assess its suitability. A commander in this situation must have the resources immediately available to carry out the crossing without losing momentum. This section looks at assault bridging and the challenges faced while conducting operations.